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FRP steel bars (bar material) and its molding technics is to infuse fabric into resin, then solidify and continuous extrude it in mould. In order to reinforce to combination with concrete; There are two types:
1、surface twist type;
2、surface sand-spray type.
Classified in terms of category of fabric:
1、CFRP steel rods
2、GFRP steel rods

Characteristics of FRP steel rods:
l、lightness, high strength; the tensile strength is larger than that of steel rods;
2、excellent in corrosion resistance, especially that of CFRP;
3、excellent in fatigue resistance; the fatigue resistance of CFRP steel rod is 3 times of that of steel rod.
4、FRP steel rod is of no magnetism, small electromagnetic disturbance and of good wave-transparent property.
5、The thermal expansion coefficient of FRP steel rods is similar with that of concrete; both of the sides can not produce large thermal stress.
6、The FRP steel rod is of low laxation; if used in pre-stress concrete, it can reduce loss of pre-stress caused by laxation.

Pre-stress steel rods in concrete bridge, floating pier, floating breakwater and prefabricated?? piece in construction condition, basement, chemical factory, dam, building close to waterside, particular military establishment, seaport and the construction resistant to electromagnetic disturbance.

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