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Physical properties of FRP reinforced core

Item Unit Index
Density g/cm3 2.05~2.15
Tensile strength Mpa ≥1100
Tensile modulus Gpa ≥50
Breaking extension % ≤4
Resisting force at elongating N Uncertain
Linear expansion(23-80) 10-6k-1 5~7
Water absorbing rate % ≤0.1
Min. bend radius   ≤not more than 40tims of diameter
Torsion strength   Eligible
Compatibility with filled jelly of optical cable   Compatible
Item Test method Index
Tensile strength(MPa) ASTMD3916 ≥1100
Tensile modulus (GPa) ASTMD3916 ≥50
Bend strength(MPa) ASTMD790 ≥1100
Bend modulus(GPa) ASTMD790 ≥45
Breaking extension(%) ASTMD3916 ≤4
Linear expansion ASTMD696-79 6×10-61/oC-7×10-61/oC
Diameter tolerance QIZFM01-1997 diameter × ±2%
Min. bend radius QIZFM01-1997 40 × diameter
Specific gravity   2.05︿2.15
Specification & Standard Diameter (unit: mm)
0.3×6; 0.45; 0.70; 0.90; 1.00; 1.20; 1.30; 1.40; 1.50; 1.60; 1.70; 1.80; 2.00; 2.10; 2.25;2.30; 2.40; 2.50; 2.60; 2.65; 2.70; 2.80; 2.90; 3.00; 3.20; 3.50; 3.70; 4.00; 4.50; 5.00;
Standard length  
Diameter(0.45-3.00mm) standard delivery length≥25km
Diameter(3.00-4.50mm) standard delivery length≤15km

The product of non-standard diameter and non-standard length is available on demand.
Technical flow chart for FRP reinforced core


Finished product packing of FRP reinforced core for optical cable 


FRP reinforced core for optical cable 
The reinforced core for optical cable belongs to nonmetallic material. Its technical characteristics is as following:
1.Not be sensitive to electric shock; be adapted to use in the condition of much thunder and rain. 
2.Not be disturbed by induced current; the nonmetallic cable may be installed close with wire and power supply. 
3.The optical fiber transmission can not be affected by bad gases produced by metallic corrosion. 
4.The intension and weight ratio of FRP reinforced core are much higher. 
5.The KFRP reinforced core has excellent technical characteristics of high intension and low rate of extension. 
6.The new structure of FRP outer-reinforced self-support type optical cable has the obvious advantages, example: being anti-pop, anti-bite and anti-termite. 

1.full-dielectric, broad application scope; 
2.low rate of extension, high modulus; 
3.corrosion resistant, more compatible with other material, long service life; 
4.small specific gravity, about one fourth of steel wire, longer disc supplied at the same dimension; 
5.smooth surface, stable size, easy to machining and lay; 
6.The optical cable transmission can not be affected by bad gases produced by metallic corrosion. 
7.Not be sensitive to electric shock; not be disturbed by electromagnetism. 
8.more excellent intension and quality ratio; 

★ Test result of material properties by the Ministry of Information Industry Quality Supervising Test Center for Optical Communication Product




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